Discover the way STUDENTS THRIVE in our school setting.



Whole person

We take a whole person rather than whole class approach.

Our aim is to ensure that every student in our school can progress happily and confidently. Because every student learns differently, we think differently, taking the time to understand how each individual learns best, identifying the most suitable teaching methods and developing the personalised strategies which will help them achieve their full potential.

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Tailored support to help every student excel.

Our forward-thinking Learning Support department  includes a dedicated, specialist team who provide support in many bespoke ways, such as tailored help to keep individual students up to speed or supporting those with special educational needs.

We provide one-to-one support and booster support in small groups to help students work confidently across specific subjects or master new study skills, exam techniques, smarter ways of working and personal organisation.

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We plan ahead, so no-one is left behind.

Because we want every student to flourish, we keep a close eye on student progress so no-one is left playing catch up. The academic clinics we run before and after school and at lunchtime are often invaluable in clarifying any uncertainties or complexities, such as our innovative Maths clinic, in which students who need a more creative style of teaching can thrive. These clinics enable students to tackle lessons with renewed enjoyment and confidence, so they can power forward with new self-confidence.

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