You'll like the way our top academics, EDGE and Pathways to Success programs happily help students go the extra mile

We passionately believe that how students learn is every bit as important as what they learn. So we make education a joy, with excellent teachers delivering extraordinary learning experiences in welcoming, stimulating environments. We are a world class accredited, top 10 Northern independent school and tailor everything to suit the learning styles of our students, focusing on individual needs to create independent, inspirational young women with the skills and confidence to go out in the world and be exactly who they want to be.

Together, Empowered, Aware

At a senior level, the expanding realisation of exactly what they can achieve, makes each student’s educational journey both liberating and empowering. Individuality and innovation are encouraged at every stage as they learn to think differently and develop the life skills and character-building qualities that will power them along future pathways.

Our teachers are all A Level experts in their fields with excellent academic, and often industry, expertise.  In their small, supportive classes they provide an exciting and engaging mix of personal inspiration, challenge and intellectual adventure.  Our teachers know girls and know each individual student well. 

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Growing every student’s unique capabilities

Every student goes out in the world with a well-rounded education. Years 7 – 9 are focused on developing an extensive educational grounding which includes everything from English language and literature, maths, French, chemistry, biology, physics, art, drama, geography, history and computer science, to music, philosophy & religion, food & nutrition and sport. Students can also choose Spanish or German and classical civilisation or Latin. While in Years 10 and 11, seven subjects in the core curriculum are supplemented by three further personal choices from thirteen options, further individualising their choices at GCSE level.

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Lots of opportunities for success

Time for friendships and new skills with 80+ extra-curricular options.

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We happily empower girls. Hear what parents have to say.

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Sound structured personal guidance is readily available via our Pathways to Success Program.

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Louise O'Shea

Our students achieve in remarkable ways beyond school. They see it to be it with our alumnae.

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You’ll like the way we value smiles as much as success.

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Hear from our empowered students with excellent GCSE results.

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Our Senior section offers a superb education for bright girls and equips each girl brilliantly to focus her education in our Sixth Form.

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