You’ll like the way WAKEFIELD GIRLS feel empowered

Wakefield Girls’ High School is a high achieving, world class accredited school with a defining ethos which has prevailed for 150 years: that there are no limitations on what girls can achieve.  Our shared ethos is to ensure that each student achieves her full potential.  Our environment is especially designed for girls, offering a unique academic and enrichment curriculum, personal teaching, exceptional pastoral care and values to happily bring out the best in each and every student. We believe that when girls are educated separately, it changes everything.  Research studies also show that girls develop differently from their male peers and become more empowered and achieve more at all-girl schools.   In our all-girl setting we aim for our students to be:

– outward looking, motivated to support each other and ready to make a difference
– proud to be part of a warm and caring community
– future ready with a strong sense of social responsibility
– intellectually curious and experience a joy of learning
Ethos and Values

Our Values

A Wakefield Girls’ education is imbued with the values needed to transform every Wakefield Girls’ student.  As a result, Wakefield Girls become accomplished committed women whose perspective, passions, abilities and confidence positively change the communities they live in. 

Together, Empowered, Aware

We put our values into action:

  • Empowered – we make a difference by using our voice, speaking up for what we believe in and bringing positivity and proactivity to everything we do
  • Together – we support each other now and into the future and build real and lasting connections with our community
  • Aware – the way we understand and support the diverse world we live in and develop a strong sense of social responsibility makes us ready for the future
Our daughter has been nurtured, cared for and given fabulous wider experiences and opportunities within a high achieving environment with excellent teaching.
Senior Section

The 21st century is an exhilarating time for young women.

Theirs is a time to grow up ready to take on tomorrow’s challenges and be a part of a future they choose.

Cultivating the skills needed can seem like a daunting pursuit, but when parents work to develop their daughter’s potential, the extraordinary can happen. 

Big futures start early and involve working with your daughter every day to empower her over time.



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