It’s the way there are no limits to what WAKEFIELD GIRLS can achieve.

At Wakefield Girls’ High School, we provide a happily inspiring and empowering environment that enables every student to make their way in the world, their way. By embracing new ideas, encouraging students to think differently and instilling a joy of learning, we make it possible for everyone to be everything they want to be.

We are delighted to be recognised as one of the best performing schools in the North by The Sunday Times, Parent Power School Guide 2022. Parent Power, acknowledged as the most authoritative survey of the country’s highest-achieving schools, ranks Wakefield Girls’ in 6th place in the region.

Learning goes far beyond the classroom. At the heart of everything, we happily empower girls, developing their interests and values through our large extra-curricular and Pathways To Success programmes. Students gain the skills they need for life after school, as well as flourishing academically and gaining GCSE and A Level qualifications.

As one of a family of three schools that make up the Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, the school follows the Wakefield Way, a shared ethos which defines everything we do, academically, socially and ethically. Discover more about the Wakefield Way here.