The Wakefield Way

The Wakefield Grammar School Foundation numbers amongst the country’s leading families of independent day schools. An education at our three schools is different in many ways but at the heart of it all, there is one guiding ethos which defines everything we do, academically, socially and ethically. We call it The Wakefield Way.

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Wakefield Grammar
Pre-Preparatory School

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Wakefield Girls'
High School

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Queen Elizabeth
Grammar School

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Our Family of Schools

We celebrate the distinctive learning needs of boys and girls across our family of three schools, giving each a happy start in life and equipping them for the life they want to start.

Making a decision about your child's education isn't always easy and as parents can we really be sure we've made the right choice ? When the world turned on its head in Spring 2020, we realised that we had definitely made the right decision
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