It’s the way we offer A RICH ARRAY OF ENRICHMENT to broaden horizons.

To give our students a panoramic and well-rounded view of the world and what they can achieve, we have created over 95 different co-curricular clubs for our Seniors and 55 for our Juniors.


So much to see. So much to do. So why not join?

Besides being stimulating, inclusive and rewarding they offer plenty of opportunities to ignite passions, spark interests, forge friendships, broaden horizons and develop the ability to innovate, invent, inspire and lead. Taking place during lunchtimes, after school and every Thursday afternoon, students can choose how, where and when they want to be involved, with plenty of opportunities to help run and lead as well as participate.

Visits & Trips

We enrich learning with a wealth of educational visits and residential trips for students in all year groups.

An annual residential visit for girls in years 3 – 6 supports classwork and progressively develops important team building skills and healthy friendships.  In Year 7, an activities week at our field centre, Claythorpe Court, helps everyone quickly build friendships and understanding.

Opportunities for wider national and international travel and study begin from year 7 and include music trips, a world sports tour, ski-ing in Italy and cultural visits to Pompeii, Paris, Valence, Nice, Salamanca, Koblenz and New York.

A highlight for students in years 11 – 13  is our epic expedition which has previously included Madagascar, Tanzania, Romania and Costa Rica.


You’ll like the way OUR STUDENTS HAVE EDGE.

Every Thursday afternoon, Senior students participate in our EDGE (Enriching and Developing Girls education) Programme which offers brilliantly empowering personal development opportunities for all. Packed with personal development initiatives from exploring creative, debating or engineering potential to coding, composing or pottery, our dynamic programme of activities is constantly evolving and driven by students’ ideas and interests.

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Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh

Discover the way we go further to equip students for the DUKE OF EDINBURGH award scheme

Students are encouraged to challenge themselves at every opportunity and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is always a popular choice. Students can take part from Year 10, beginning with Bronze Level and progressing to Silver and Gold levels in Years 11 – 13. The award includes participation in a wide range of activities that include volunteering and also an expedition. We arrange training sessions for the expedition section in school and also both the practice and qualifying expeditions.

Inspiring hearts and minds and a lifelong love of the arts.

In Sixth Form, we introduce our Liberal Arts Programme to students who develop a professional working relationship with others every Thursday afternoon for enrichment activities.


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