You’ll like the way girls are encouraged to think about the wider world

We encourage each individual to look outwards as well as inwards as they begin their journey to becoming everything they want to be.  Our students understand that enjoying true success in life is not just about academic achievement but developing a keen sense of social responsibility and making a difference in the world. It’s about giving back to our communities by thinking ahead about how we can support others, something our students carry through with them into later life.

Each year, we encourage students to use their ingenuity and energy to support causes and charities in our community and beyond.  It is a tradition of the school and we are proud of the contribution Wakefield Girls make to local, national and international charities.  Within our school, our  Charities Committee (represented by each form) provides opportunities for all students to work together, build awareness and actively take part in the social, moral, spiritual and cultural part of their education.

Our annual charity programme contains events throughout the school year and culminates with the showcase Foundation Charity Fayre which is organised and led by a senior student committee from Wakefield Girls’ and our brother school QEGS.

Recently, we used our recording studio to produce our first charity single ‘I Am Me’. This supports children’s charity Variety, helping young people across the region to get to and from school, extracurricular clubs and events.  Stream it on Spotify.