Welcome Alumni

The Wakefield Grammar School Foundation has been providing the best quality education to the young people of Wakefield, the historic West Riding of Yorkshire, and beyond since 1591.  Our unique set up as a Foundation of three schools, committed to a clear vision for single sex education, gives us an excellent platform on which to broaden social access and enhance educational opportunities for all our students.

Inspirational learning is at the heart of everything we do as a Foundation.  We understand the distinctive learning needs of boys and girls and consistently deliver some of the best academic results in the North of England. We also prepare our pupils for life beyond school.  A key part of that preparation is to welcome leaving students into a lifelong relationship with their fellow alumni and their school.  Never have our alumni associations been more important to us.

As we look to our present needs and future developments it is clear that we require the support and involvement of the whole Foundation community.  We recognise that success will only be achieved if people feel good about giving and are valued in the process. To that end, The Development Office is keen to engage with you and ensure that your interest and support is both valued and respected throughout.

All gifts make a significant difference, no matter how large or small, and are greatly valued by the Foundation, its staff and its students.  In the past, perhaps you or one of your friends may have benefited from the generosity of others through the opportunity of a bursary.   You almost certainly will have benefited from the gifts that made buildings like the Jubilee Hall or the QE Hall possible.

Today, our pupils continue to benefit from the support of others and our future success depends upon the generosity of the whole Foundation community.  Your gifts will help shape the future of the Foundation Schools and also the lives of the thousands of young people who study with us.

Information about the many ways you can make a gift to support Wakefield Girls’ High School, QEGS or students across our Foundation can be found in this section of our website. If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to contact our Development Team.