At the heart of what we do is happily empower. And, a happy and empowering education empowers women who happily empower others.  It’s time to meet the women who were once like you, now ready to share experience. It’s another dimension of school life, to help you become who and what you want to be.  

Meet our powHER Panel

Our powHER Panel consists of our successful, highest achieving alumnae in their very diverse range of fields. 

The Panel has grown from our ethos of happily empowering students, our ideology of improving gender diversity and parity in workplace leadership coupled with our mission to prepare our Sixth Formers’ for life beyond a top independent school, a raft of A grades and a place at a top university.  Connections to a career pathway of your choice make a powerful difference:

  • – powerful to see careers in action, how others ‘did it’ and take inspiration for yourself
  • – powerful to choose the right courses of further study
  • – powerful to understand how you can best prepare to develop a career path
  • – powerful to access resources and places that inspire you

Learn To Lead

From start up, fast growth entrepreneurs to remarkable medics; trailblazing business women to creative whizzes and leading edge engineers, our powHER Panel have influenced, initiated and spearheaded their way from their Wakefield Girls’ roots and they are ready to support.

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A happy and empowering education helps our students to achieve in remarkable ways across all different sectors. In our Alumnae Interview Series, find out why Wakefield Girls’ is such a unique place for academic excellence, extra-curricular opportunity and how we help to lay the pathways for success.

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27 May Louise OShea