It’s the way WAKEFIELD GIRLS can enjoy a future without limits.

We’re delighted that you are considering applying to Wakefield Girls’.  The best way to find out about life and learning here is to visit and experience the true spirit and enjoyable culture of our school.  Our friendly Registrar, Miss Stevie Newton, is on hand to offer all prospective families an authentic Wakefield Girls’ experience  which shares a taste of our values, student life and culture as well as our academic excellence, extra-curricular opportunities and how we help to lay the pathways for success.

In keeping with our aims, we enrol students who demonstrate a curiosity to learn, intrinsic motivation, a desire to participate fully in school life and the ability to succeed in our academically rigorous environment.


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You can book your visit and apply for a school place at our online Enquiries & Admissions zone.  For personal help, do contact Miss Stevie Newton either by email: or telephone 01924 372490.

A warm Wakefield Girls’ welcome awaits.

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