You’ll like the way WAKEFIELD GIRLS have big futures.

There is a wealth of evidence supporting the fact that girls flourish in an all-girl learning environment. To that, we can add our own significant experience, gained over many decades of propelling girls forward to achieve everything they want to be, through the roles and opportunities they enjoy at Wakefield Girls’. Right across the school, students regularly see a diverse range of inspiring role models, who open their eyes to all of life’s possibilities. These positive foundations ensure that each student soon learns to feel confident in discussing their strengths and exploring what future success means to them. Throughout their journey, every student is treated as a true individual, empowered by their surroundings and the sound, supportive advice they receive.

Years 3 - 6

  • We help girls to learn more successfully and achieve highly using High Performance Learning as our framework. Our students are capable of reaching high levels of performance that were previously associated only with ‘gifted and talented’.
  • Ahead of senior education, students begin to develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed for lifetime ­success. Education in our senior section enhances these early gains.

Years 7 - 9

  • Girls learn why skills and interests are as important as academic knowledge and achievement in terms of future career development, discovering and developing key employability skills.
  • Ahead of GCSE options, students take part in our career profiling programme, discovering inspiring career matches to their interests and skills and receiving guidance from our Head of Careers to help inform their decision-making.

Years 10 - 11

  • Students attend various workshops and a Careers Symposium providing guidance on a wide range of different careers, led by female specialists active in the field.
  • Towards the end of Year 10 we guide students as they prepare for a week- long work experience placement.
  • During Year 11 we support each student with a more detailed career profiling service, including a personal interview with a specialist career advisor, resulting in a personal action plan.
  • Students attend a range of masterclasses on careers research, financial management, CV, cover-letter writing and use of LinkedIn.

During Sixth Form

  • Our Sixth Form team, as well as our wider school and academic teams, support students throughout Sixth Form. This includes personal tutors, the Director of Sixth Form, Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Head of Careers and Director of Pastoral Care.
  • Supporting Choices – we work with students to find the post-18 choices that appeal the most and provide any guidance they may need in on their chosen path, whether university, gap year, degree apprenticeship or workplace based.
  • Higher Education events – our annual UCAS careers convention and 3 -day Higher Education Conference help students prepare for university applications
  • University admissions assessments & interview support – we provide comprehensive individual guidance through the UCAS process, including application and preparation for interviews and assessments, including specialist support for law, medicine, veterinary science and dentistry and also Oxbridge applications.
  • Careers Practical Advice & Guidance – we host weekly careers interviews with Wakefield Girls’ alumnae, providing students with a chance to meet and discuss the world of work and possible career paths with inspiring female professionals from numerous sectors. Our visiting alumnae range from TikTok executives and BBC producers to barristers and vice-presidents who offer invaluable practical advice to inform and enable students as they consider next steps and real world application of their studies.
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