Wakefield Girls’ is recognised as world class, with accreditation as a High Performance Learning World Class School.

For us, High Performance Learning is a framework of teaching developed from proven, highly respected research into the way children of all ages learn. As a school at the forefront of educational development, we utilise advanced thinking skills and learning behaviours to embed confidence and empower every student.

While our GCSE and A Level results are consistently high, we believe that enjoying true success in life is not just about academic achievement but developing a keen sense of social responsibility and making a difference in the world.

world class accreditation

Brighter futures.

With High Performance Learning, we help each student to develop the skills, values and attributes she needs to succeed in learning and life.  From complex problem-solving, collaboration and creative enterprise to academic risk-taking and resilience, we create resourceful, agile thinkers who are equipped with the knowledge and character to reach the top in whichever career they choose to pursue.

By equipping our students for the real world and providing the right encouragement and educational environment, we believe there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

Truly world-class schools understand that while grades are important, producing students who are intellectually and socially confident, work-place and life-ready with a global outlook and concern for others is our true aim. Wakefield Girls’ High School has worked hard to strengthen its practice and to move closer to the vision of every child becoming a high performer.”
Professor Deborah Eyre
Chair at High Performance Learning