International Women's Day

We are thrilled to continue our tradition of honouring the incredible women who have made a significant impact on history, society, and culture.

Throughout March we will be hosting a variety of events and activities that educate, inspire, and empower our students to embrace their own unique strengths and potential.  From guest speakers to workshops and discussions, we are excited to provide our girls with opportunities to learn from and engage with strong female role models.  We believe that by celebrating the achievements of women past and present, we can inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators, and changemakers.


Inspirational Women

Together we continue to uplift, support, and empower each other as we strive for a more inclusive and equal future for all. Here’s to the incredible women who have paved the way and to the remarkable girls who will continue to make history in their own unique ways.

Discover our powher panel
As members of the SRSU, we aim to reflect the increasing diversity in our school community, with each of us making sure inclusion is at the forefront of all our decisions.
Amelia Parkin
Diversity & Inclusion Student Leader, Student Union
I am enjoying being a student leader on the food committee because I can put my ideas out there and share ideas of my form too. It shows that Year 7 has a voice. This role has really helped me to listen to other people which I think is a great thing to be able to do.
Eleanor Terry
Food Committee Student Leader
The best thing about being a Digital Student Leader is meeting many new people and working with students from Year 7 to Year 11. This leadership role really helps to develop teamwork skills as many of the resources we make, we work on with other leaders, friends and peers, in groups.
Hareem Ghouri
Digital Student Leader

Girls in leadership

The best way to learn to lead is to be given the opportunity to lead. Meet some of our student leaders.

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Senior student Edie speaks at Yorkshire Sustainability Week.


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Developing confidence and early leadership skills.

Meet Our Junior Head Girl Team

Always Better Together

A big thanks go to alumnae in our powHER panel for joining us on IWD to share their insights and experiences.

“Thank you for talking about your experiences, sharing your insights and the importance that allies, female and male, play “
Madison McNair
Year 12 student


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#empowHER 2024 now open. 

Open to girls in year 5 living in Yorkshire, our new free conference is designed to showcase, inspire and develop girls’ confidence and skills in leadership.

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Celebrating our incredible alumnae

Samantha Leigh

Class of 1987
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Eleanor Walmsley

Class of 2019
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Lesley Bland

Class of 1995
Clinical Educator and HCP relations midwife
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Katherine Hart

Class of 2001
Marine biologist,Turks and Caicos Islands
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Linda McQue Michael

Class of 1976
ex Directorate of Human Rights, Council of Europe
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Deborah Lodge

Class of 1996
Managing Director, Corporate International Solutions, HSBC, New York
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