You’ll like the way LUNCH IS SERVED and included in our fees.

Together with our catering partner, Holroyd Howe, we have created a fresh and thoughtful food service that is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of independent minds.

Always nutritious choices

Every day we serve nutritious hot meals with meat and vegetarian options.

There are always other options too, including baked potatoes with various fillings, a pasta dish, soup of the day and a popular choice of sandwiches.

There is also a self service salad bar to supplement meals and plenty of choices for dessert!

See our menus here:

Junior Menus

 Senior Menus

95% of all dishes are freshly prepared

We are proud of our fresh food and nutrition policy.

We adhere to the principle of ‘getting the balance right’, which simply means having enough fruit and vegetables, fibre and starchy foods, moderate amounts of dairy food and meat, fish, eggs and beans whilst avoiding too much fat, sugar and salt. We ensure the structure and content of all our menus promote the well being of everyone we serve.


Encouraging Healthy Habits

By actively promoting fresh produce and creating an interest in the food we offer, we naturally steer pupils and staff towards the healthier choices on our menus. We also offer a wide variety educational programmes that improve the overall
knowledge and awareness of healthy eating so that those we serve can make informed choices throughout the school day.

Molly Wisby leads our Nutrition team and she is responsible for ensuring evidenced- based nutrition and health messages are at the core of all food concepts and menus.


We believe that we are all responsible for the environment around us, and we need to do what we can to protect it.  We work with Holroyd Howe who provide us with everything we need to implement sustainability into our operations and to also deliver sustainability education to our students, from assemblies to interactive in-person lessons to live demos, helping to  instil positive food and sustainability habits that will last them beyond their education journey.

  • – We buy 100% of our meat from UK sources.
  • – Our eggs come from RSPCA Freedom Farm Assured sources only and are certified with the Red Lion Quality Mark.
  • – All our milk is produced from Red Tractor accredited farms.
  • – All our fresh bakery products are made on-site or by local bakers close to the School.
  • – No fish on the IUCN Threatened Species red list are used within our menus and our suppliers are prohibited from sourcing “At Risk” fish.

Fun with food

We make mealtimes exploratory, quirky, and exciting events that punctuate the school day for our students.

From Tasting Tables…

The discovery of a seasonal fruit or vegetable cooked in different ways. An interactive approach to try new food as this can sometimes be challenging for the students.

…and Theme Days

Themed meals around a specific nationally recognised day/month, or an event within our curriculum.

We encourage students to try new things by hosting regular discovery days. These events are usually sponsored and supported by our suppliers, who bring samples of different fruits, vegetables and cuts of meats. Our suppliers showcase the different products in their natural state and we show how these can be cooked in a variety of different ways.


To Chef Demonstrations….

Our development chefs will hold two food demonstrations at the School each term. These events are interactive and fun and are designed to continually add a touch of theatre to the services. They range from pasta and sushi to fresh juices and bread making.

…and Live Theatre

Always good fun; a range of dishes cooked in front of the students. The dishes can range from countries around the world.

Break Time

We also run a Tuck Shop and offer soft drinks and morning break snacks at an additional cost.

A selection from our menus