Ethos of the Department

The Geography Department seeks to encourage a lifelong ‘conversation’ about Earth as the home of humankind. It will not be a narrow academic subject for the few but develop a fundamental relevance to everyone.

The subject will encourage a deeper understanding of many contemporary challenges including climate change, food security, health issues and disaster management. While striving to achieve the above aims and objectives we seek to encourage academic excellence while placing value on the growth of the individual. Where appropriate we recognise the importance of moral and spiritual values.

The Geography Department aims to allow all girls to gain a knowledge of the world, its diversity of places and people; to foster a respect and sensitivity towards both the human and natural environments; to seek to explain the complex interaction of people and the environment at local, regional and global levels and to give girls the opportunity to acquire and gain confidence in handling data and in interpreting the patterns produced.

Teaching Staff

Mr H Hargreaves (Head of Department)
Mrs R Lewry
​Mrs J Newell (KS3 only)