The Wakefield Way is about developing inspirational learning environments which nurture the distinctive learning needs of boys and girls. It’s about encouraging each individual to look outwards as well as inwards as they begin their journey to becoming everything they want to be. It’s about building confidence, developing lifelong friendships and providing the foundations for happy, worthwhile and lasting achievement. It’s about encouraging hearts and minds and developing a lifelong love of learning. It’s about growing each person’s unique capabilities and instilling a sense that anyone can achieve anything they put their minds to. It’s about understanding that enjoying true success in life is not just about academic achievement but developing a keen sense of social responsibility and making a difference in the world. It’s about giving back to our communities by thinking ahead about how we can support others. It’s about making a difference by recognising that everyone is different and seeing the potential in everyone.  It’s about creating independence of mind and freedom of spirit. It’s about recognising that at its best, academia isn’t an end in itself, but the springboard for exciting new beginnings. It’s about being at the forefront of educational thinking with high performance learning that uncovers instinctive talent. It’s about following the example of our distinguished alumni while giving the next generation the support they need to walk in their high-achieving footsteps. It’s about being extraordinary in our travel, sports and other extracurricular activities. It’s about encouraging free thinking and shaping the thought leaders of tomorrow. But most of all it’s about providing the kind of imaginative foundation for learning that makes it possible for everyone to make their way in the world, their way.


We’re different in so many ways.
Here are just some of them.
  • We celebrate the distinctive learning needs of boys and girls across our family of three schools
  • We support our communities and our choices reflect global actions via academia, music, arts, travel and sport
  • We give students a happy start in life and equip them for the life they want to start
  • We grow confidence by optimising capability, building self-esteem, nurturing talent and inspiring individuality
  • We encourage excellence in every area of achievement, not just the academic
  • We help students to explore their talents and prepare them for the future they see for themselves
  • We ensure every pupil has every opportunity to follow in the footsteps of our alumni and be everything they want to be
  • We open minds and open doors to life’s possibilities through our modern culture, imaginative and relevant curriculum and extra-curricular activities