Year 4 Ancient Greek Workshop

5th June 2024

Wakefield Girls’ and QEGS Year 4 classes had a fantastic time at an ancient Greek workshop on Tuesday 4th June.

The presentation and all the activities were run by the Year 4 girls as they are now experts having learnt about this topic during the summer term! QEGS Year 4 students were an excellent audience and this was a great introduction to their new topic as they are just starting to immerse themselves in the ancient Greek world.

The workshop began with a presentation to the boys about what the Year 4 girls had learnt about the ancient Greeks, including topics such as greek clothes, food and the Olympics. Learning by teaching others, known as the protégé effect, is a well-established and research-backed study method which helps to consolidate the girls’ own knowledge.

After this they tested the boys’ knowledge with a quiz – the boys were amazing listeners as they got nearly all the questions correct!

The workshop then split into two groups, some children took part in Olympic style events and the others completed a selection of activities about the Greeks.

This was a super opportunity for the whole Year 4 cohort to work together and develop their learning in an exciting way, with our  students developing their confidence and public speaking skills.

Mrs V Hutchinson

Junior Section Pastoral Lead and Year 4 Class Teacher 

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