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Tour de Wakefield – Year 5’s Bikeability Programme

30th April 2024

As part of our Outdoor Education programme, this week Year 5 students are taking part in a Bikeability experience, provided by external providers Cycle North. Cycle North is an excellent organisation dedicated to teaching and encouraging people to cycle more. After a successful trial of this programme last year, we are having a full week to encompass both Level 1 and Level 2 of the Bikeability programme for Year 5. 

Level 1 is a playground session that involves running through important road safety procedures and practice riding. Level 2 involves riding out on the road, putting those practised skills to the test. 

The team discussed the importance of always wearing a helmet when on a bike and wearing appropriate clothing as protection in the event of a crash or fall. Students learnt about the gears on a bike and what terrain is best for each gear, how the gears might fatigue legs after cycling for a while, and how to steadily and effectively use brakes.

Although many of our students have cycled before, it was a great opportunity for each to develop their varying confidence levels and spend some time focusing on cycling in the playground, in a calm and quiet environment with few obstacles or distractions before gradually working their way onto cycling on a quiet road. Moreover, the Cycle North team provided excellent one-to-one advice and support for those students who found it more challenging, easing their nerves and building their confidence.

We hope this experience has encouraged our Year 5 students to cycle for fun in their free time, as it is a brilliant way to keep fit, exercise with friends and family and enjoy the beautiful outdoors!

Mr A Bray 

Year 5 teacher and Outdoor Education Lead

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