‘Der Babysitter’ – German Language Play

12th March 2024

On Tuesday 12th March our Languages Department hosted the final language play of the year, held in Jubilee Hall for Year 9 and 10 German students. Our German students were in for a treat as they watched ‘Der Babysitter’ performed entirely in German by Onatti Theatre Production.

The play follows Herr und Frau Müller, who are going to a fancy dress party leaving Sophie to babysit their child, Bruno. Sophie’s quiet evening with baby Bruno is interrupted by her ex-boyfriend Jakob who arrives unexpectedly with attempts to win her back by helping with the babysitting. Reluctantly, Sophie agrees and soon has two children to take care of. After an argument, Sophie storms out, leaving Jakob to handle the baby alone. But when the Müllers return early, chaos ensues. 

This popular play by Onatti has previously toured in French and features two native German actors delivering the dialogue slowly and clearly. The goal is for students to easily understand the story, enjoy the performance, and gain confidence in their German language skills.

Here is Year 9 student Evie’s review of the play: 

‘On Tuesday 12th of March all Year 9 & 10 students from WGHS and QEGS taking German attended a German play at school. The play was called “Der Babysitter” and it was a humorous and engaging play spoken in German. The two actors were very talented and helped to make the play more memorable for everyone. Some of the best moments were when the students participated in the play adding a more personal twist as we could see our friends enjoying using the German they had learnt with German speakers, and making an amusing play come to life. We would love to experience more plays like this as we go through the school. All in all, the play was an unforgettable experience loved by all students’.

Ms C Donau-Green

Head of MFL

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