Year 8 Trip to Bay of Naples

20th February 2024

During the half-term holiday, our Year 8 students embarked on an enriching trip to Naples, enhancing their knowledge of their Classical Civilisation curriculum. Departing on Monday 12th February, students experienced a smooth and straightforward flight, and we were greeted by sun and smiling faces as we arrived in Naples.

After indulging in a plentiful buffet breakfast at their hotel, the students commenced their exploration of renowned archaeological sites. Travelling from Sorrento to Pompeii by train, they were led on a captivating full-day tour by our very own knowledgeable guide, Mr. Hargreaves.

The students’ excitement was palpable as they explored the ruins of Pompeii, a city steeped in history and tragedy, which they have already learnt plenty about in their Classics lessons this year. The city, enveloped by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, is a true gem for budding archaeologists. Students investigated the ruins of houses, gardens, streets and even Pompeii’s bars! The Roman gods had blessed our trip ensuring the sun was shining throughout, so students stayed hydrated by filling their water bottles from the original Roman public drinking fountains. Later, they returned to Sorrento for free time and shopping in the town and dinner in the hotel.

On the second day, the students ventured to Stabiae to visit Villa San Marco, providing a picturesque view of Vesuvius. They then journeyed to Villa Arriana, before a very tasty lunch of pizza and ice cream. The afternoon was dedicated to exploring the Roman city of Herculaneum. This city is closer to Vesuvius than Pompeii and the hotter pyroclastic material (as opposed to volcanic ash) destroyed and preserved the site in different ways to Pompeii: providing students with a unique insight into the lives and last living moments of individuals in Herculaneum. In the evening they enjoyed an evening meal celebrating Rachel’s birthday. 

The final day commenced with a visit to the National Archaeological Museum in Naples, where the students marvelled at an array of captivating wall paintings, mosaics, and other artefacts from Pompeii and the surrounding sites they had visited during their trip.  A tasty lunch at the Pizzeria Capasso preceded the visit to the impressive Villa at Oplontis, said to have been the country home of Poppaea Sabina, second wife of Emperor Nero. The students were immersed in the opulent history of the Villa, gaining insight into the lavish lifestyle of the Roman elite and the architectural grandeur of the era, culminating their trip with a deep appreciation for the ancient world.

Mr J Hargreaves

Head of Classics 

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