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House Celebration Breakfast

18th January 2024

Reigning champions Clayton House amassed in the gym this morning to enjoy a delicious House Celebration Breakfast. 

Here is a write-up from Clayton Head of House Lois:

In just two years, our House System has been able to unite our junior and senior sections, bringing with it some healthy competition and a chance for everyone to be involved. As the Head of Clayton House for the 2023 to 2024 academic year, it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the community grow closer together to make a positive impact on the school community!

Carrying on from the victory that Clayton achieved at the House Finale last academic year, we were able to attain over 6,000 house points in the Autumn Term! We also gained a victory from the autumn term Massaoke, where we gained 103 House points for our House.

As a reward of these remarkable achievements, Clayton House were given the opportunity to celebrate our wins with a breakfast treat during our vertical form times. We were able to catch up with our friends, and develop new friendships with students in different years. Since the Junior school also joined the breakfast, it was marvellous to see the community growing between the two sections of school.

For breakfast, we were offered a variety of pastries, croissants and different drinks such as different juices and tea.

Overall, it was a fantastic morning and I hope to see Clayton winning more points and rewards over the year! Keep up the hard work!

Mrs R Manson

House Coordinator 

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