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Year 7 Visit The Deep

17th January 2024

On Tuesday 16th January, Year 7 students visited ‘The Deep’ Aquarium in Hull to enrich their classroom learning and further their knowledge and understanding of interrelationships, biodiversity, and the need for conservation.

Following a tour of the aquarium, students participated in a discovery-based workshop created in collaboration between the British Antarctic Survey and The Deep, relating to plastic and its effect on our oceans. The workshop examined how tough and resilient plastic is, explaining how this means it does not break down properly but just breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces resulting in microplastics. Visual aids illustrated how plastic waste collects in certain areas of oceans because of powerful currents; these gyres are called ‘garbage patches’. There was also a group discussion about the effects of plastic on sea animals.

It was brilliant to see our Year 7 students enjoying the practical aspect of scientific investigation, developing their enquiry skills as they investigated why, where, and what we can do about reducing the impact of plastic on our oceans. 

Whilst exploring the multifarious exhibits, Year 7 discovered lots of new ocean species they had never previously heard of and learnt about their environmental needs, which will support classroom discussion in their biology lessons in the coming months!

Miss C Dollive

Assistant Head of Year 7 and Biology teacher

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