Charities Committee Meeting

17th January 2024

On Monday 15th January, all charity representatives met for a whole-school charities meeting planning events and fundraisers for this year. 

Here is an overview of their meeting, written by Year 7 student Adrina and Year 8 student Amaya: 

In this term’s meeting, we discussed how our past charity events went, how much money was raised, and how we can improve them next year. In particular, we focused on the Christmas Charity Fayre, speaking about what went well and how to make the Fayre even better for next time. 

We also considered different charities we could raise money for. Students suggested a few new charities they wanted to support and then it was put to a vote, where we raised our hand to support our favoured charity. The charity with the highest votes was the Red Cross, so we will support them on our non-uniform day coming up later this term. Afterwards we decided to support a charity for women who don’t have access to education for International Women’s Day, so we can help them achieve their dreams. We then brainstormed ideas for how to possibly raise money for this charity!

What is your favourite part about being a charity representative?

Adrina:  I enjoy knowing that in this role, small actions we do together as a school community can help to make people’s lives ten times better. The best part is knowing that other students who aren’t charity reps also want to help us make an impact on the world. It’s also nice meeting other charity reps and having an enjoyable time together.

Amaya: I really enjoy working with my friends/other charity reps, as well as the feeling of making people happier. For example, during the Christmas Fayre, I felt proud knowing that we helped people have fun, but also we helped The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, who we were supporting with the money raised from the fayre. Another example would be the gift donations. It’s very sad that some less fortunate people do not have access to things that we would find normal to have, and so to provide that joy from the gifts donated is really amazing and it makes you feel good.

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