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Meet our Junior Prefects

11th January 2024

At the beginning of this academic year we launched four brand new leadership roles in the Junior Section: four prefects who as a team work with and support our Junior Head and Deputy Girl. Congratulations to Year 6 students Abby, Keona, Luisa and Umayyah for their hard work so far. 

Here is what they had to say about their leadership roles…

“We have fortnightly meetings with Mr Rowley and the Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl where we talk about things we think would make our roles more effective, for example we are currently making a rota for our lunch duties so everyone knows when they are expected to do their duty and can go for an early lunch”.

“I really like that we have responsibilities and we do things for the school, for example at the end of last term we were in charge of the school postbox and delivering all the Christmas cards people had sent to each other. I’m really excited because at the end of January we are delivering an assembly to Pre-Prep about our roles and why they should think about being prefects when they are older”. 

“I think the best part of the job for me is that it makes it really easy to make friends with students in younger years. It’s our job to help all students during lunch, by cleaning the tables, resetting the tables and refilling the water jugs. Doing this duty means you get to speak to everyone during lunch and guide the younger students as they are getting used to the school systems”. 

“I am really excited about speaking in the assembly at Pre-prep, I like the responsibility and having to practise my speech. I feel like being a prefect is preparing me for when I go to Senior school”.

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