Year 4 Egyptian Workshop

19th October 2023

On Monday 16th October our Year Four were excited to be joined by a special visitor with Egyptian heritage, Mrs House for a fantastic workshop to enrich their history topic on the ancient Egyptians.

The girls listened intently to the presentation about the geography, culture and history of Egypt, explored artefacts connected to Egypt and found out about popular Egyptian food, such as Basbousa, a sweet, syrup-soaked semolina cake and a traditional Egyptian drink. 

They also had the opportunity to ask lots of questions which they had already thought about. Thank you very much to Mrs House for this enjoyable workshop.

This experience will help our students with their Egypt topic they are studying over the coming weeks, where they will be learning about Egyptian landmarks, what life was like in ancient Egypt, the importance of the River Nile and finding out about King Tutankhamun and producing a piece of creative writing about discovering and exploring his tomb. 

Mrs S Rowbotham, Year 4 Teacher

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