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Year 3 Trip to Meanwood Valley Farm

25th September 2023

As part of our Science learning, Year 3 Wakefield girls took their learning outside the classroom by visiting Meanwood Valley Urban Farm, Leeds, on Thursday and Friday 21st and 22nd September.

Our youngest students were very excited to have the opportunity to have lots of hands-on practical experience to support their learning. Meanwood Valley Urban Farm provided a beautiful backdrop for their investigations of rocks, their properties and soils. 

First, the students took a geological tour of the farm, discovering different stones of varying ages. This developed their understanding about the weathering process of rocks, how the environment and weather can impact rocks; by the end of the tour students were able to identify different features on rocks which might indicate their age. They then went to the classrooms at the farm to complete various experiments.

In the afternoon, students discovered the different components in soil, and had a go at making their own soil. A highlight of the trip was when they made their own wormeries, which they were able to bring back with them to school.

The girls were a real credit to the school demonstrating wonderful manners at all times. The visit was a fantastic way to enrich their learning; we would like to thank all staff at Meanwood Valley Urban Farm for making our experience so brilliant!

Miss C Walker & Mrs J Butterfield – Year 3 Teachers

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