Developing Student Leaders

4th July 2023

We got together with some of our school council members, Dixie Portman-Wright (Year 7), Imogen Firth (Year 7), Thea Ryder (Year 8) and Mikaela-Devonne Agyei-Agyepong (Year 9), to hear their views about being student leaders throughout this academic year including what they have found most enjoyable about their roles and the leadership skills they have developed.

 Dixi, Imogen, Thea and Mikaela-Devonne share their views:


How did you decide you wanted to be a student leader?

I was a part of the Student Council in my previous school and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked that the students from every year group were able to give their opinions, so that it was a more inclusive space that involved everyone’s ideas. I wanted to help in Wakefield Girls’ too and ensure that everyone’s opinions are heard – Dixie.

I wanted to help our school become a better place and take in ideas of others to make our school friendly for everyone – Imogen.

I decided I wanted to be a student leader as I was wanting to make a change to our school community and speak on behalf of Year 8 by putting forward all their ideas – Thea

I’ve always wanted to help people in my year to have their voices heard, so I bring up their concerns in every meeting – Mikaela-Devonne.


What do you enjoy most about being a student leader?

I enjoy being able to help get other students’ ideas across to those higher up in school so that they are considered – Dixie.

I enjoy being a leader of something, I also enjoy helping to improve our school – Imogen.

I have enjoyed bringing everyone’s ideas into the meetings and showing leadership skills – Thea.

I enjoy that I’m able to have some sort of responsibility. I’m also able to have my voice heard which is always great – Mikaela-Devonne.


How has this role has helped you to develop leadership skills?

The school council conversations have helped me become more confident at public speaking and it has also made me more outgoing when talking to new people – Dixie.

It has helped me with leadership but also teamwork skills, as I have to communicate with others and work with my peer councillors. It has helped me become more of a leader as I am one of the two school counsellors in my form, so I have to put in work to gather as much information as possible – Imogen.

This has helped as I have had the chance to put forward everyone’s ideas and helped to contribute to being a part of developing the school to make it a better place – Thea.

It’s helped me have more confidence speaking to teachers and speaking to my class about what was discussed in the meeting. As someone who struggles with social anxiety, it helps a lot – Mikaela-Devonne.


Has being a student leader helped you in any way and if so, in what way?

Yes, it has made me consider different aspects of school life that I would not have thought about before – Dixie.

I think it has helped develop my confidence. When I was chosen as a councillor I wasn’t very confident at speaking up and giving ideas, but now at the end of the school year I feel like I can speak freely with all my ideas and opinions – Imogen.

It has helped me give my ideas and my year group’s ideas to the school and encourage them to take action on it, which has helped to make the school environment more enjoyable – Mikaela-Devonne.


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