My Leadership Journey at Wakefield Girls’

28th April 2023

By ESTHER RAW, Wellbeing Senior Prefect

The Wider Student Experience 

From joining the school in year 7 I have always looked up to the Senior Prefect Team and what they do. I also have always been encouraged to make the most of every opportunity throughout high school.  I have taken up various leadership roles to develop a variety of skills, particularly in year 12 when I was elected Deputy Head of Clayton House and also served as a Chemistry Student Leader. Both roles improved my confidence and communication – there was lots of speaking in front of people and listening with younger years.   As the first Deputy Head of Clayton House this role especially required a lot of agility and teamwork.  By the time year 13 arrived, I felt ready to take on a wider student leadership role. By applying for a Senior Prefect it would enable me to give back to the school community, gain more experience and work with others. 


Making A Difference

A senior prefect supports the school in a variety of different ways. For example senior prefects are part of the head girl team and therefore are required to collaborate and work as a team. This year, having specific areas has also enabled everyone to work in a particular area that we are most dedicated to with a few others as well before delivering it back to the head girl team. The role of senior prefect also requires you to attend various events throughout the year to support and encourage others. Overall, being a senior prefect is a role of responsibility as you will be seen as a role model to younger students and also represent the schools at different events, including Open Day. 


Future Senior Prefects

I would encourage younger students to get involved with other clubs to participate in and then also apply for other leadership roles in Year 12 so you can develop your leadership skills and then also have the option to choose to become a senior prefect.   By applying for leadership skills in yr12 you can see what areas you are interested in as well, for example I was a part of Project Joy that enabled me to deliver assemblies on well-being topics and also completed my Mental Health First Aid course. This along with being a peer mentor led to me applying to be a well-being senior prefect. Overall, I would say be enthusiastic and make the most of the opportunities presented to you and try to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


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