Celebration Of Our Outgoing Senior Prefect Team

28th April 2023

This morning, everyone came together in Jubilee Hall to thank our outgoing Head Girl Team and our Heads of House, celebrating their achievements and hard work throughout their time at Wakefield Girls’.

In their role, this team of young people have represented and cared for our whole school community over the past year,  dedicating a great deal of time and energy to give something back to our school, using each other’s skills to the team’s advantage to ensure they fulfil the expectations of their roles with responsibility, pride, humour and integrity.

Headteacher, Ms Boyes thanked each prefect individually highlighting personal achievements and contributions to school.


Antonia: Contributed to Happy Cafes and helped establish Project Joy during her time as a Senior Prefect with a key role in Wellbeing. She is also a Mental Health First Aider, alongside being Netball Captain.

Betty: Earthshot Student leader, working with Juniors Eco-Group. As Chemistry student leader she delivered KS3 booster sessions, created wonderful revision materials and helped in the Chemistry clinic. Also a member of the tennis team. 

Eden: Head of Blakey House, made useful suggestions in House meetings and for being a valuable contributor to House assemblies.

Esther: As a Chemistry student leader Esther helped with KS3 booster classes and helped at the Chemistry clinic. She is a committee member of Medical Society where she coordinates visiting speakers, and also gained her Gold DoE award.

Jess: A keen musician consistently performing in whole-school assemblies and other school events. Jess is a regional and county hockey player, and captained the Wakefield Girls’ indoor hockey team. She is Vice-President of the Debating Society.

Komal: Head of Clayton House, including winning the House Trophy in 2022. She always helps out at so many House events, including keeping active and encouraging all students throughout the 2023 House Danceathon. 

Leah: Science Prefect, working with our Junior Section Science club. Chair of the Food Committee, part of the Sixth Form Leadership Team, keen hockey player and musician. 

Lizzie: As chemistry student leader, Lizzie delivered KS3 booster classes and helped out at Chemistry clinic. Member of medic mentor medical society and an integral member of the school’s Medsoc, a Samaritans-trained Peer mentor and accomplished musician.

Lucy B: Head of Lee House, and keen hockey player receiving the Pru Smithies Cup for endeavour at senior level, alongside completing her Gold DofE.

Manya: Head of Mackie House, an Earthshot student leader, helping with Juniors Eco-group, an Eco-committee member. As a Chemistry student leader she delivered KS3 booster classes and helped at the chemistry clinics. Notably, she is a founding member of the South Asia Society.

Mathusa: During her time as Senior Prefect Mathusa championed diversity; she led the South Asian Society, carried out work in a school Mental Health subgroup, as a Samaritans-trained Peer Mentor and is a qualified Mental Health First Aider.

Molly-Ann: As Marketing Senior Prefect, Molly-Ann coordinated a student video showing life and learning in Sixth Form which was used at Sixth Form Open Evening.

Naomi: Science Prefect, she ran the Junior Section Science club. She is a keen pianist and dancer, a Samaritans-trained peer mentor, and an eco-committee member.

Sophie: As Athletics Captain, Sophie helped to run Year 6 Athletics Club alongside senior practices, she is also a member of the cricket team, and also helps with Volleyball Club. As a Science Prefect she assists with the Junior Section science club. She was awarded the senior pianoforte scholarship medal for her talents as a Grade-8 pianist, and she is also a Grade-7 clarinet player.

Deputy Head Girl, Charlotte: previously Deputy Head of Blakey House, Charlotte has been extremely busy, working in the Junior Section supporting After School Care, a peer mentor for younger students and a Mental Health First Aider. She participates in four musical groups and runs a fifth group herself, whilst also being a member of the volleyball team. 

Special thanks went to outgoing Head Girl, Hooriya, who has relished the challenges of leadership,  coordinating her team to represent the school at numerous events. Through her remarkable empathy and championing of inclusivity, Hooriya has led a change in mindset and approach in Wakefield Girls’, fostering a greater desire to look through the lens of others to be a more empathetic school. 


Thank you Head Girl Team of 2022/23 for all your ideas, support and bringing our Foundation community closer together, executing your duties with tact and skill and leaving no stone unturned.

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