What it’s like being a Junior School and Pre-Prep Liaison Leader

19th April 2023

By SOPHIE BURRELL Junior School and Pre-Prep Liaison Senior Prefect


What got me started

I always looked up to the Head Girl Team when I was lower down school and wanted to experience the role myself. Being part of a team appealed to me as I could work on developing my team work skills.


What is involved 

As a junior school/pre-prep liaison, I am involved with the junior school science club which we organise and lead weekly. Here we have been able to develop leadership skills as we have many younger students to look out for and instruct.

I am one member of the Senior Prefect Head Girl Team and meet regularly with all other team members. We come together and share our updates about our different liaisons to ensure everyone is up to date and we can create synergies across school.  Each liaison has a different role with common elements which typically involve creating clubs, planning and giving assemblies and presenting and organising events. Senior Prefects also attend school events such as parents evenings and open days to welcome visitors and ensure things run smoothly.


Projects I have you been involved in

We have started a junior school science club that runs weekly. We plan, organise and lead the club where we do a range of different fun experiments with around 15 year 3 students. Also, we have begun to visit pre-prep and assist year 1 students with their reading skills. During lunch times we go over to pre-prep and sit and read with a few students to help to learn and enjoy reading.


Advice for younger students

Begin taking on leadership roles lower down school such as form sergeant, sports captain, subject student leader. This will help you in your application to become a senior prefect as you will be able to talk about your experiences and the qualities you are developing as a leader which you can bring to the role.  My top tip is to also think about what you would like to change about school as a legacy !



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