Why I love leading our younger students

22nd March 2023

By LEAH DAVIS, Junior School and Pre-Prep Senior Prefect


What is a Junior School and Pre-Prep Senior Prefect

I always wanted to become a Senior Prefect from a young age and was encouraged by my family and friends.  Feeling the benefit of Senior Prefects as a younger student, I made up my mind early on that I wanted to make a positive difference for younger students when my time came.


A Typical Day

Keep track of the normal prefects duties making sure they attend at lunch/break as well as working in your more specific role, for me being a junior and pre-prep prefect that has involved setting up and running a science club in  junior school and reading with pre-prep.


A chance to make a difference

As I have taken on more responsibility within school, I have become increasingly comfortable speaking in public.  My  time management skills have become a lot better too !  I have been involved in some significant projects.  Personal highlights have been setting up and running a science club in junior school as well as reading with pre-prep.  


Advice for younger students who want to become a senior prefect

Take on positions of responsibility lower down school. For example, taking on early leadership roles such as being a form sergeant or a member of school council or a sports captain can really help to build your experience. These experiences also show evidence of your team building skills which you could then talk about in your application.


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