Year 9 Trip to Buddhist Centre

8th March 2023

Yesterday, Year 9 visited Madhyamaka Meditation Centre, accompanied by Mrs Keegan-Phipps and Mrs Heptinstall.

In their RPE lessons this year, students have been studying Buddhism. The visit to the Buddhist centre was the perfect opportunity for experiential learning, getting students out of the classroom and allowing them to investigate and explore the practice and beliefs of Buddhism directly.

Over the course of the day students were guided around and spoke with an ordained Buddhist nun, explaining key beliefs and practices of Buddhism, discussing her own personal experience with the religion and her time working at the centre. Students also experienced a shrine room, identifying key objects within a typical Buddhist place of worship that they had previously only seen and studied in textbooks. 

A highlight for many was the relaxing meditation session guided by the Buddhist nun, where students were taught about the importance of mindfulness as a daily practice and the benefits of stillness for health and wellbeing.

To round off the day, there was a Question & Answer session, where students asked many insightful questions about Buddhism, illustrating their deeper understanding of the religion following the tour.

Mrs R Keegan-Phipps

Head of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics

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