Wakefield Girls’ Bake Off Returns

25th January 2023

The much anticipated Wakefield Girls’ Bake Off challenge has returned !

As always, the variety and volume of superb entries has been incredible with tables filled from our first rounds, Buns, Muffins and Cupcakes and Bite-Sized Delights.  Thank you very much to all participants and everyone who is supporting this initiative at home.

Congratulations to the winners of today’s Bake Off : Signature Bakes Round: Cookies and Biscuits :
1st place – Heidi Smith and Lucy Keyworth – Blakey – Cookie Monster Cookies
2nd pace – Terri-Marie Whittaker – Clayton – Pride Millionaire Shortbread
3rd Place – Poppy Chappell – Blakey – Spring Shortbread

The next round in the Bake Off is on Monday 20 February, the final ‘Showstopper Day’, which will features cakes inspired by the students houses – Blakey, Clayton, Lee and Mackie.

Entries have gone down very well at student break time when bake sales take place in aid of our four House charities:  Guide Dogs Association, Macmillan, CAP and the Darjeeling Children’s Trust.


Mrs R Besford

Leader Blakey & Assistant Head of Y11

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