Head Girl Assembly: Be You – Championing Our Differences

17th January 2023

Part of what makes our school a vibrant and empowering learning community are the voices of our student leaders. Today our whole school came together to hear from Head Girl, Hooriya, and her guest, Luke Ducker, Head Boy from brother school QEGS. They talked about the important responsibility we all hold to learn about our differences rather than make assumptions and judgements, so that, whatever our differences, everyone feels supported and included. This very important aspect of life at Wakefield Girls’ fosters our very special environment: where each and everyone is supported and in turn can become greater advocates for what we believe in.

“As Head Girl of an all girls school, I have the unique opportunity to enact positive change by collaborating with others. Today, I am welcoming Luke, Head Boy of QEGS, to deliver a shared assembly of personal experiences and insights, to celebrate positive differences in our diverse school community and create a happy place for everyone to enjoy and thrive.”

Thank you Hooriya and Luke for your very relatable assembly – from different appearances, interests, personalities, ancestry, hobbies, learning challenges and disabilities – showing how we can all unite to become more successful and importantly, for helping driving, supporting and celebrating our school culture.

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