Art Enrichment at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

17th May 2022
Year 10 Art students took a trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 29 April to extend their learning. The sun was warming the park as they arrived at YSP and began their study.  Amber Ventris Crowley in Year 10 shares her review of the trip:

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is the perfect place to spend a day, it is a location full of nature and artwork, a great place to go for an art trip! Upon arriving at YSP we could tell we were in for a good day, the sun was shining, the skies clear and we were met by a flock of sheep alongside their woolly lambs.

During our visit to YSP, Robert Indiana’s work was being displayed. His work is definitely amongst my favourites, particularly the colourful numbers which are the first things you see when stepping outside of the main building. Indiana was an American painter, print maker and sculptor and most famous for his iconic image of LOVE. He was originally named Robert Earl Clark but later on in life he changed his name to Indiana, to honour the place of his birth. Many of his works are references to his own sexual orientation as a gay man, many of his pieces are in recognition to other LGBTQIA+ artists, his works often were in response to current affairs like black and gay rights, nuclear disarmament and several other societal problems.  He produced many of these pieces during the 1960’s which was a very important decade marking many civil rights movements, so the pieces he was creating were very controversial during this time. I would definitely recommend taking a look at some of his pieces.

You may not find joy in looking at pieces of art but that is what is so good about YSP. The nature there is spectacular. We saw geese, sheep, ducks, birds, rabbits and more! Beautiful flowers were sprouting up from the ground and bushes and there is a greenhouse which is home to many colourful flowers and trees.

It was really great getting to spend time with my friends.  After looking at the  sculptures we sat down and played cards, talked and ate ice cream.  All in all it was a fabulous day that has produced many happy memories. I would definitely recommend spending a day here.

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