Soapbox Racer Testing Going Well

A number of our girls are currently busy testing their soapbox racer, which has been a work in progress since the last academic year. The Design and Technology project has been a labour of love and now is an exciting time as girls are in the process of making the finishing touches to the shell of the car, with some cosmetic work still to do and some final tinkering with the chassis.

The girls have been working on the project as part of our EDGE programme, which stands for ‘Enriching and Developing Girls’ Education’ and offers an array of incredible opportunities for our girls to get involved in, ranging from Movie Making and Falconry to Origami and Snowboarding - there really is something for every girl.

Our girls love EDGE and look forward to it every week. It provides them with the opportunity to develop really important life skills that top universities and employers are looking for; creativity, resilience; team work and leadership. EDGE is carefully designed to explicitly foster these skills.

The team have designed their car to resemble the DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future films and when raced the team of drivers will be dressed as various characters from the movies.

So what is a soapbox racer?

A soapbox racer, sometimes known as a gravity racer, is a motorless vehicle which is raced on a downhill road against the clock. Sounds exciting right? Well it absolutely is!

What makes it so exciting?

Cars are given a push start from the top of the track and the driver’s goal is to get to the bottom as quickly as possible. The track has a few obstacles, such as chicanes and ramps, designed to test the skills of the driver. The aim is not to use the brakes at all until the finish line is crossed, otherwise the momentum will be lost!

When will the race take place?

Four girls will be participating in the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby on Saturday 22nd June which takes place from 10am to mid-afternoon. We will be tweeting on the day, so if you’re interested in finding out what we’re up to on the day be sure to follow us on Twitter @WGHSEdge

Wish us luck!

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