School Council meet The Mayor!

On Friday afternoon, the School Council made the short trip down to the Town Hall for a visit to see The Mayor of Wakefield.

The girls were understandably very excited as they walked up the grand staircase and led to The Mayor's Parlour, by Dave The Mace - Bearer. The Mayor, Councillor Kevin Barker, greeted the girls in his regalia - everyone was suitably impressed! The Parlour had a large table in the middle with very heavy, ornately crafted chairs all the way around and everywhere you looked there was an important object or artifact covered in gold!

Everyone found a seat and listened intently to what Dave had to say about the history of The Mayors of Wakefield, their robes and the importance of The Mace. Amongst lots of other insights into the workings of the council, Dave and The Mayor explained that if The Mace is removed during a Council meeting, then the meeting can no longer proceed. Maybe WGHS JS should make their own?!

All the girls asked The Mayor and Dave plenty of insightful questions, so many in fact, that Mrs Goodwin had to politely ask the girls to stop putting their hands up as time ran out!

A huge thank you to The Mayor and Dave The Mace - Bearer for their fantastic hospitality and going into such detail about the workings of the Council and the history and duties of The Mayor. What a wonderful Friday afternoon!

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