It’s the way OUR TEACHERS engage minds and enable success.

Our teachers

All our teachers are inspirational, passionate and supremely well qualified experts in their respective fields. What connects them is a shared commitment to academic excellence and a desire to equip students with the tools they need to face new challenges and grow into confident, socially aware adults who will play their part in creating the kind of world they want to live in.

Meet our excellent academic leaders

Our inspirational environment.

Throughout the school, students will find role models, mentors and everyday reminders of the accomplishments of famous women, including our own remarkable alumnae. Our Governing Body also plays a vital role in the life of Wakefield Girls’, channelling and sharing their achievements and expertise from across the wider Yorkshire community.

Our unique way of helping students to achieve more.

We achieve outstanding results because of the way we build personal relationships, understand each student well and monitor progress in and beyond the classroom. This multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach is invaluable in tracking key issues and keeping school leaders, staff, students and parents up to date with the way the school year is progressing.

School Leadership Team

Ms HJ Boyes – Head

BSc (Hons) Geography (Kings’ College London), PGCE Geography (Hull)

Senior Leadership Team

Dr S Duerden-BrownAssociate Assistant Head (Professional Excellence), Chemistry

BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Bradford), PhD Chemistry (Leeds), PGCE in Secondary Chemistry/Science (Leeds)

Mr D J Eggleston – Deputy Head (Teaching and Learning), Economics 

BA (Hons) Social Sciences (Nottingham Trent), MEd School Leadership and Management (Leeds), PGCE in Economics

Mr J HarrisDeputy Head (Pastoral), Designated Safeguarding Lead

BA (Hons) History (Newcastle), Secondary PGCE (Newcastle)

Mrs J A Tingle – Deputy Head (Academic), Physical Education

BEd Physical Education (Leeds), MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Mr S Rowley – Director of Junior Section

BSc Hons PGCE (Birmingham) MSc (Manchester)

Mrs K VarleyAssociate Assistant Head (Director of Sixth Form), Art

BA (Hons) in Visual Art (Bolton), PGCE Secondary Art and Design (Leeds) 

Junior Teaching Staff

Mr A Bray

Business and Enterprise Development (Huddersfield), PGCE in Primary Education with QTS (Sheffield Hallam)

Miss H Boughton

BSc Sport and Environmental Studies (De Montfort University, Bedford), PGCE (Leeds Met.)

Mrs J L Butterfield

BA (London), PGCE

Miss H Coe

BA (Hons) Primary English Education with QTS (Edge Hill University)

Miss K Fear

BEd (Hons) Physical Education (Leeds Carnegie)

Mrs K Grundy

BSc (Hons) in Sport, Physical Education and Coaching Science (Birmingham), PGCE with QTS (Huddersfield)

Mrs V Hutchinson

BsC (Hons) with QTS

Mrs R White

BMus (Kent), Cert Ed (London)

Miss S Morris
BA (Hons) (Leicester),  PGCE with QTS (Leeds)

Mrs S Rowbotham

LLB (Hons) (Nottingham), PGCE with QTS (Warwick)

Miss C Walker

BSc (Hons) Sport, Physical Activity and Health (Leeds), PGCE in Primary Education with QTS (Huddersfield), National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (Dept. for Education)

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Gibson

​Mrs M McGrath

Ms A Patrick

Mrs M Sykes-Moorhouse

Senior Teaching Staff

Mrs R Arundale Learning Support

BA (Hons) English (York St John), QTS

Ms C Ayres – Classics

BA (Hons) Classical Civilisation (Roehampton), QTS, MRes Classical Research (Roehampton)

Mrs J BaldwinChemistry 

BSc Chemistry (Newcastle), PGCE Science with specialism in Chemistry (Leeds)

Dr S Barber – Acting Head of Biology

BSc (Hons) Molecular and Cellular Biology (Bath), PhD Neuroscience (Bristol), PGCE Secondary Science (Huddersfield)

Mrs K Bentham Acting Head of Music

BMus (Hons) (Huddersfield), GCE Secondary Music (Huddersfield)

Mrs R BesfordEnglish and Drama, Assistant Head of Y11 & House Leader

BA (Hons) English Language and English Literature (Leeds), PGCE Secondary (Middlesex)

Mr S BesfordFoundation Director of Drama

BA English Language and Literature (Leeds), PGCE in English Secondary (Leeds), Postgraduate Diploma (LAMDA)

Mrs F BulloughFrench

BA (Hons) French and Hispanic Studies (Sheffield), PGCE Modern Foreign Languages (Sheffield Hallam)

Mrs S CairnsHead of Design & Technology

Bachelor of Education (Huddersfield)

Mrs E CritchHead of Textiles

BA Fashion Design (Leeds), PGCE in Secondary Education (Leeds)

Mrs K L DaleModern Foreign Languages

BA (Hons) French and Spanish (Durham), GTP with QTS (Wakefield LEA), Certificate in Social Sciences (Open University), RSA Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Leeds International Language Institute)

Miss C DolliveBiology and Assistant Head of Year 7

BSc (Hons) Zoology (Manchester), PGCE in Science (Huddersfield)

Ms M Doyle – English

BA (Hons) English and Philosophy (University College, Dublin), Higher Diploma in Education (H.Dip.Ed) (University College, Dublin)

Dr S Duerden BrownHead of Chemistry & EDGE Coordinator

BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Bradford), PhD Chemistry (Leeds), PGCE in Secondary Chemistry/Science (Leeds)

Dr M Durell Physics

BSc (Hons) Physics (Leicester), PhD Physics (Leicester), PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)

Mrs K Edge Head of Psychology & Head of Business Studies

BSc Psychology (Hull), Cert Ed. and Business Studies (Leeds Trinity)

Mrs V GardinerFoundation Director of Learning Support

BEd Hons (Birmingham University), NASENCO (Sheffield Hallam), AAA – Patoss

Mr T GrunwellPsychology and History

BSc (Hons) in Business and Management with Law and Psychology (Birmingham), MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (York), PGCE in Religious Studies and Philosophy (Liverpool)

Mrs S Hakin – Mathematics

Mr D HannardHead of Physics

BA (Hons) Astrophysics (Edinburgh), PGCE Secondary Science (Leeds)

Mr J Hargreaves –  Head of Classics

BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology (Newcastle), PGCE in Classics (Cambridge)

Mrs S Heptinstall – Humanities 

BA (Hons) Combined Arts in History, Politics and English (Leicester), MA in Modern International Studies (Leeds), PGCE in Secondary History (Swansea)

Mrs K Hunter  – Physical Education 

BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough), PGCE in Physical Education with QTS (Loughborough), MSc in Education with QTS (Loughborough)

Mrs S JenkinsMathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (York), PGCE Mathematics (Leeds)

Mrs R Keegan-Phipps Head of Religion, Philosophy & Ethics 

MTheol (Hons) (St. Andrews), dPGCE in Religious Education (Durham), MA (Open University)​

Dr J KorosiBiology

MBBS (St Thomas’s Hospital), BSc (Hons) Biochemistry (London), PGCE in Biology and Science (York), MSB (Member of the Society of Biology)

Mr M LasseyHead of E-Learning / Computer Science

BA (Hons) Business Technology with Secondary Education (QTS) (Leeds), MSc Leadership and Management (Leeds Met)

Mrs K LindleyBiology and Head of Year 7

BSc (Hons) Human Genetics (Leeds), PGCE (Leeds)

Mrs E ListerModern Foreign Languages

LLB (Hons) Law with German Law and Language (Hull), MA Applied Professional Studies in Education (Sheffield), PGCE German and Spanish (Sheffield)

Mrs E Maher Design Technology and Head of Year 10/11

BSc (Hons) Textile and Knitwear Technology Management (De Montfort), PGCE in Home Economics (Northumbria)

Mrs R Manson – Physical Education and Head of Year 8

BA (Hons) Sport (Durham), GTP with QTS (Wakefield LEA)

Mrs L MargeresonPhysical Education and Head of Year 10 

BA (Hons) in Physical Education (Leeds), PGCE in Physical Education (London Metropolitan) 

Dr L McNamara English

BA (Hons) English (Lancaster), MA English (Lancaster), PhD English (Royal Holloway), PGCE in Education (Leeds), PDip in Education (Kingston)

Mrs J MegsonEnglish

BA (Hons) English with Related Studies (Bretton Hall), PGCE in Secondary English and TESOL (Leeds), PG Certificate in Educational Studies (Leeds)

Mr N MeredithMusic, KS5 Music, GCSE Composition and Outreach Responsibilities

BA Music (Cambridge), GTP (Bradford), MMus (Leeds)

Mrs G MorganHead of Academic PE  

MSc in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (Loughborough University), BSc Sport and Exercise Science (Loughborough), PGCE Secondary PE (Exeter)

Mr C MurtlandChemistry & Assistant Head of Sixth Form

MChem (Hons) Chemistry (Warwick), PGCE in Science with Chemistry (York)

Miss D V NorthPhysical Education 

BSc (Hons) Sports Science (Brunel), PGCE in Secondary Physical Education (Reading)

Mr S Paget Head of Computer Science & EPQ Coordinator

BA (Hons) Radio, Film and Television Studies and Science (Kent), PGCE in ICT (Sheffield Hallam)

Mrs N Phillips Design Technology, Head of PSHEE,  Head of Year 8/9 & Charities Lead

BA (Hons) Fashion and Clothing (Leeds), PGCE in Secondary Teaching Design and Technology (Sheffield Hallam)​

Mrs A PottsHead of History

BA (Hons) History/Russian (Birmingham)

Mrs J L ReesHead of Mathematics

BSc (Hons) Pure Mathematics (Sheffield University), PGCE in Mathematics (Swansea)

Mrs C RichardsLatin, Classics & Greek

BA (Hons) Latin and Greek (Newcastle), PGCE in Classical Language (London)

Mrs K F Robinson Director of Physical Education

BA (Hons) Physical Education with QTS (Leeds Met)

Mr J RydingGeography

BA (Hons) Geography (Manchester), PGCE Secondary Geography (York)

Mr J ShawHead of English

MA (Hons) English Language and Literature (Newcastle), PGCE in English with Drama (Newcastle)

Mr O ShawHistory 

BA (Hons) History (Sheffield), PGCE in Secondary History (Sheffield)

Mrs E ShellardMathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics (York), PGCE Mathematics (York)

Mrs I Simmons – English

BA (Hons) English Literature (Warwick), Secondary PGCE in English with Drama (Cambridge)

Mr J Spall – Art

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Sunderland), PGCE Art and Design (University College of St Martin, Lancaster)

Mrs E TaylorLearning Support

BA English and Drama (Lancaster), PGCE in English and Drama (Bretton Hall)

Mr R Tribe Acting Head of Geography

BSc (Hons) Geography (Durham), PGCE Secondary Geography (Leeds), Post Graduate Diploma in Law (The College of Law), Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (The College of Law), NPQSL – (The National College/Department for Education), Solicitor (Non-practising)

Mrs B Vare – Art & Design

BA (Hons) Fine Art (Norwich), PGCE in Design & Technology (Huddersfield)

Mrs K Varley Head of Art & Design, Associate Assistant Head of Sixth Form

BA (Hons) in Visual Art (Bolton), PGCE Secondary Art and Design (Leeds) 

Mr A VauseChemistry

BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Leeds)

Mrs D WalkerFrench & Spanish

BA (Hons) French (Leeds), PGCE French and Spanish (Leeds)

Mr R WebsterMathematics, KS3 Coordinator and Head of Learning Innovation

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education (Sheffield Hallam), MA in Education (Sheffield Hallam)

Mr J WilliamsMathematics

BSc (Hons) Mathematics with Education and QTS (Sheffield Hallam)

Mrs L WilsonModern Foreign Languages

MA General French with German (Edinburgh), PGCE in Secondary MFL (Manchester), Postgraduate Diploma in Spanish (Huddersfield)

Mr M R WilsonPhysics

BSc (Hons) Physics and Astronomy (Liverpool), PGCE in Secondary Science (Huddersfield)

Support Staff

Mr J Austerberry – Caretaker

Mr K Brooke Head Caretaker

Mrs S Cafferkey Head’s PA (On maternity leave)

Mrs S Christie – School Nurse

Mr G Clay ICT Support Officer

Mrs J Dell – Head of Marketing

Mrs G Egan Health Care Assistant

Mrs C Fisher – Admin Support Manager

Mrs J Gent – Finance Officer

Mrs L Green – Cover Secretary

Ms M Gunn – Resources Assistant

Mrs J Haigh Attendance & Admin Assistant

Ms R Harries Learning Resource Centre Manager & Diversity & Inclusion Champion

Ms J Hitch – Examinations Officer

Miss A Hunter-Wilkinson Marketing Assistant

Ms R Imolc – School Counsellor

Mrs A Iqbal – LRC Assistant

Mrs G Jackson – Partnership Coordinator

Ms S Leadbeater – Physics Technician

Mr A Lindley  – Biology Technician

Mr C Lockwood – Caretaker

Mrs A Lovell – Pastoral Support Assistant 

Mrs D Marshall – Junior Section Secretary (Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs C McKinlay – Receptionist & Administration Assistant

Mrs A Mistry – ICT Support Officer

Mrs S Newton Admissions Registrar

Mr L Noble Senior ICT Support Officer

Ms G Payne – PA and General Admin Support to the Director of Junior Section

Mr I Soakell – DT Technician

Mr D Wilson – ICT Support Officer

Dr J Windeatt – Foundation SIMS and Data Development Manager

Visiting Instrumental Musicians

Mr M MacSween  Guitar and Bass teacher, Electric Ensemble Director

GDLM (Leeds College of Music), PGCE (Bretton Hall).

Mrs E Younger   – Cello and Voice and directs Major Minors  

BA Hons (Music) from York University.

Ms C Goddard –  Violin and Viola 

Mrs S St Clair Morgan  – Double Bass 

GRNCM, Cert Ed. M.Ed. 

Ms J MansellViolin and Viola  

Mrs K Turner  –  Clarinet, Music Theory and Voice and directs the Clarinet Ensembles

BMus (Hons) Music (Hull), PGCE Secondary Music and Drama (Leeds)

Ms H Issitt Piano  

Ms K Allison –  Piano  

Ms L Berwin –   Piano  

Ms C Clegg  – Percussion   

Mrs J GarsideDouble Reed Instruments – Oboe and Bassoon 

Mr K UbanskiSaxophone, Improvisation and Music Technology  

Mr L Mason –  Bassoon 

Ms H Heath –  Flute, Aural Skills, Piano accompanist and Flute Ensemble Director

Ms N Warrington –  Flute  and Singing for Music Theatre and directs 2 Flute Ensembles

Dr. R Mathieson  – Voice, Piano Accompanist and Choir Director.

Mr C Gomersall  – Lower Brass 

Mr M Dodd –  Brass and Brass Band Director

Our Governing Body

Please follow this link for details of our governing body.