Emma Clifton

VFX Supervision,Consulting,QC | Former 1st Vice Chair at VES | Class of 1996

With almost 20 years and 30+ feature film credits, Emma’s experience both as a VFX professional and in leadership roles is vast.  She is a BAFTA member and the 2022 Global 1st Vice Chair of the Visual Effects Society.

Emma has 30 feature film credits, is an artist and supervisor on feature films and operates as a supervisor and consultant for the industry. She is known for her work on a wide variety of films including Australia (2008), The Hunger Games (2012), Children of Men (2006), The Hobbit Film Series (2012-2014), The Apes Film series, and Deadpool 2 (2018). She is also known in the VFX industry for her contributions to the Visual Effects Society.

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