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‘Welcome to Year 10’ Afternoon

19th June 2024

The journey from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 can be a scary and overwhelming period for students, as they begin preparation for their GCSE examinations and are expected to take greater responsibility for their work and academic progress. We believe a smooth transition into Year 10 really helps our students to thrive during GCSEs, and we hosted a specially designed afternoon for our Year 9 students on Tuesday 18th June to help acclimate them and prepare them for Year 10 in September. 

The afternoon provided the opportunity for students to spend some time with peers in their new form and their new form tutor. Students participated in team building activities and problem solving exercises such as a three-legged race, making form mascots and a fun quiz.  There was also an informative talk by our Head of Year 10, Mrs Maher, who spoke about how Year 10 differs from Years 7 to 9, mentioning the expectation that students will have increased independence over their studies, and the importance of organisation during their GCSE studies.

To round off the day, we were very excited to be joined by the ice cream van and all students were treated to a delicious ice-cream cone to reward them for their participation and positive attitude throughout the day.

Mrs E Maher 

Head of Year 10

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