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Parent-Daughter Lunches!

14th June 2024

Over the past week we have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming parents and carers of our students in Years 7-10 to our ‘Peppers’ dining hall to experience a traditional school lunch with their daughters. 

We offer a diverse and rotating menu, providing different options every day and every week. Downstairs, a hot main meal, a hot vegetarian or plant-based meal, and multiple side options are available. Additionally, students can venture upstairs to enjoy a different pasta dish every day, filled baguettes & wraps, and freshly baked jacket potatoes with various toppings. We also have a well-stocked salad bar which features an array of salads, grains, pulses, fresh vegetables and salad dressings; the contents of which vary throughout the week.

On Tuesday 11th June, our Year 7 parents enjoyed lunchtime options of:

  • Classic Beef Lasagne
  • Macaroni Cheese with Southern fried Chicken Fillets.
  • Side options – Garlic Bread, BBQ baked beans, Sweetcorn & peppers. 
  • Spiced tomato & bean soup with bread rolls.
  • Red lentil & herb tomato pasta. 
  • Dessert options – fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, jellies, daily special dessert pots or cappuccino coffee cake with mocha sauce.

On Wednesday 12th June, we welcomed our Year 8 parents for meals including:

  • Loaded Beef Tacos
  • Butternut Squash Tacos (plant-based)
  • Side options – spiced vegetable rice, sauteed cabbage, diced carrot & peas. 
  • Sweet potato & lentil soup, with bread.
  • Creamy mascarpone tomato pasta
  • Dessert options – fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, jellies, daily special dessert pots or summer fruit drizzle cake.

On Thursday 13th June, our Year 9 parents joined us for a yummy lunch of:

  • Chicken tikka masala curry with chickpeas & peppers
  • Side options – pilau rice, bombay root vegetables, green beans
  • Roasted root vegetables, yorkshire pudding with sage & onion gravy (vegetarian)
  • Creamy mushroom and tarragon soup, with bread.
  • Classic tomato & basil pasta.
  • ‘Subway’ style sandwiches – students could build their own sandwich, choosing from a variety of fillings. 
  • Dessert options – fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, jellies, daily special dessert pots or St clements orange and lemon drizzle cake.

Finally on Friday 14th June, our Year 10 parents joined us for:

  • Breaded fish with rustic tomato sauce
  • Quorn, mushroom and black bean chilli with avocado salsa (vegetarian)
  • Vegetarian lasagne
  • Side options – Chip shop chips, garden peas & carrots, baked beans
  • Broccoli soup and bread
  • Roasted onion and sweet chilli tomato pasta.
  • Dessert options – fresh cut fruit, yoghurt, jellies, daily special dessert pots or a gingerbread biscuit.

Parents were also invited to speak with Mr Kirwan, General Manager of our catering company Holroyd Howe, with opportunities to ask any questions relating to our lunch provision. Mr Kirwan explained how we prioritise our student’s health through careful consideration of the nutritional value of our meals. Additionally, he discussed how our weekly menus are planned and where ingredients are sourced from. 

We deeply value the input of our parent community, so we were delighted to speak to so many parents this week and listen to their ideas and opinions.

The key message voiced to parents throughout the week was that our catering team fosters a strong commitment to ensuring our students enjoy nourishing lunches that fuel them for the busy day of learning ahead.

Thank you to all the parents and carers who attended our parent-daughter lunches, we look forward to hosting a similar event to this in the upcoming academic year. 

Mr J Harris 

Deputy Head: Pastoral


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