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DofE Silver and Gold Expeditions

6th June 2024

On Thursday 6th June, 45 Wakefield Girls’ students from Year 10 and Year 12 embarked upon a 3-day adventure for their silver assessed DofE expeditions and gold practice DofE expeditions. 

Fully-prepared with trangias and tents on their backs, we waved our students off from the Cobbled Yard as they boarded mini-buses taking them to the beautiful hills of the Peak District National Park.

Their three day adventure will require grit and determination, walking long distances which they have planned themselves by studying maps. The purpose of the expedition is to develop young people’s teamwork skills. Students are put to the test as they potentially battle unruly weather whilst traversing the Great British countryside, attempting to follow their planned route whilst remaining as a team. No person can be left behind! The expedition phase creates a strong sense of camaraderie and life-long memories.

There are plenty of other skills developed during the expeditions; supporting others, technical skills such as map-reading, testing one’s physical fitness, resilience and empathy, to name a few. 

It is one of the few opportunities our young people get to really separate and isolate themselves from their busy daily lives and the distractions that come with modern mass media and communications. We really hope they appreciate this time to spend surrounded by friends, in the great outdoors and challenging themselves. 

We wish them kind weather as they roam the wild and scenic landscape, making memories with friends along the way.

Mr M Wilson

DofE Coordinator

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