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Year 12 Chemists Compete in Chemistry Analyst Competition

10th May 2024

On Thursday 9th May, Wakefield Girls’ Year 12 Chemistry A-Level students took part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Schools’ Analyst Competition. This national competition enables students to demonstrate and expand on their existing chemistry knowledge, skills and aptitude for analytical science through practical experiments based on relevant societal or industrial problems. We competed in the North East region category.

In this year’s competition students worked in three teams of three as analytical chemists and were tasked with investigating some unusual products on sale at ‘Super Sugar Candy Store’. The students completed tasks including titration, chromatography and volumetric analysis to determine if the items were safe for consumption and had the correct ingredients on the packaging.

On completion of their experiments, teams uploaded their results and answered a series of challenging questions. Our highest scoring team will be rewarded with coveted House Points and enter into the North East region competition. Watch this space for results next month….

Well done to all our students involved:

Team 1: Kareena, Eve and Jae

Team 2: Lily-Anna, Aisha and Evie

Team 3: Charlotte, Lynne and Tilly

Thank you to all the Chemistry Department, including our technician Vicky Mitchell, for helping to set up and supervise the competition and to Dr Graeme Turnbull at Northumbria University for organising the competition and sending the chemicals and equipment.

Dr S Duerden-Brown

Head of Chemistry

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