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Year 6’s Crime Scene Investigation

17th January 2024

We are excited to share with you the latest update from Year 6’s Crime and Punishment topic. This week, our students were greeted with an unexpected twist as they arrived at school on Wednesday, January 17th. One of our prized sporting trophies had been stolen! This incident sparked a wave of speculation and intrigue among our young detectives.

But fear not, for our Year 6 students rose to the challenge and put their detective skills to the test. They diligently examined the crime scene, collecting fingerprints and footprints left behind by the culprit. They also studied alibis and used chromatography to analyse a mysterious note that was discovered. Through their meticulous investigation, our students were able to narrow down the list of suspects…

This thrilling crime scenario has captivated our students’ imaginations. In their guided reading sessions, students are currently engrossed in the book ‘Thief’ by Malorie Blackman, which features a similar crime and takes the main character on a sci-fi adventure. Our students will be drawing inspiration from this story as they craft their own writing pieces.

Furthermore, this topic provides a unique opportunity for our students to explore the fascinating history of crime and punishment in Britain. They will delve into different time periods and examine the various crimes committed and the corresponding punishments.

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 students for their enthusiasm and dedication to this topic so far. Stay tuned for more updates as they continue their journey through the world of crime and punishment!

Miss H Coe

Year 6 Teacher

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