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What It Is Like Being A Head Of House

29th November 2023

Hear from Head of Lee House, Ava who recounts her experience as a Head of House:

Throughout school life, even from the early years of Junior School, taking up a leadership role is encouraged for every student. This is a way, not only to support the school, but also to develop skills and confidence and to make a positive impact for other students. 

The role of Head of House certainly does not stray from this and delivers every aspect of a leadership role.

Becoming Head of House has been an absolute pleasure and I am excited to be Head of Lee this year and contribute to the school community. The opportunity to lead a House, a smaller community within the school, is very fulfilling, especially as a chance to bring together the younger and older students together in order to foster the sense of community further within Wakefield Girls’.  

Despite the challenges every leadership role brings, organising many exciting events and competitions has been a delight. From the House Bake Off to the Danceathon, to seasonal events and various charity events, there are events which engage, connect and challenge every member of our Houses. Being able to put ideas forward, develop those ideas with students in Lee and seeing them become reality is incredible. Above all these amazing experiences and achievements, there is one theme which stands out and unites the Houses – the sense of belonging; common cause and purpose; and driving together from Years 3-13 to achieve our best has been truly admirable and inspirational.

Being able to work as a part of the House Team and the Head Girl Team has inspired me to be innovative and enabled me to be stretched outside of my comfort zone to encourage others to get involved. It is an honour to be Head of House this year and I am appreciative of the development of leadership skills, self-confidence and friendships with different Year Groups that this role has given me. I am forever grateful for the support I have received from the House coordinators, members of staff and of course, the students. I am filled with excitement to see what the future brings for the House System and I wish future Heads of House the very best of luck with their role.


Here are some thoughts from fellow Heads of House:

Liv, Head of Blakey House

  • “Being Head of House has been one of the most important aspects of my sixth form life. Not only has it allowed me the opportunity to grow myself and my skill set; but it has also given me the chance to have a positive impact on others. These are things that I will value in years to come and I will certainly look back on this time with fondness.”

Lois, Head of Clayton House

  • “Achieving the role of Head of House has been an honour throughout my time in sixth form. The role has given me many opportunities to voice opinions of myself and my peers, and has allowed me to develop my skills and creativity! I have been able to grow friendships with people in different year groups, which has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and expand our ideas for the academic year.”

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