Interactive French Play

29th November 2023

On Tuesday 28th November, Year 9 and Year 10 French students made the short journey to Elizabeth Theatre in QEGS, to watch an exciting French play. 

Performed by the Onatti Theatre Company, “Le Cours d’Art” was a 45-minute long comedic play, delivered entirely in French. 

The play was set in the art room of a French college. Five students attended an Art Club after school: they were given a task by the teacher who left them alone in the room. When one of them attempted to leave they realised the door has been locked from the outside and they are trapped in the room on the fourth floor! Unable to contact anyone, they were trapped. One by one they started to disappear. Hilariously, this performance was done by just two actors who played all 5 students.

It was a brilliant opportunity for our language students to improve their language listening skills and their was plenty of audience interaction to ensure their comprehension and that they were following along with the plot. Prior to the performance, students were given a booklet which provided a general synopsis of the play, and some key phrases or words that they might not have encountered before. 

Here are two reviews from our students:

Overall, I think the play was very lively and exciting and despite me not understanding all of the words, it was interesting to see that I could follow a storyline through their expressions and acting. I loved it when they came around looking for volunteers but I was a bit nervous they were going to pick me! I think having a joint-foundation event was nice, it’s lovely seeing my friends over at QEGS. I’d be thrilled to do it again and really enjoyed the experience. – Ruby, Year 9 student.

I thought the French play was very good; I could follow it well, but the vocabulary was also challenging, so I learnt a lot. It was very entertaining and I especially liked how the audience was included in the play. – Eliza, Year 10 student.

Mrs C Donau-Green

Head of MFL 

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