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Careers Guidance For Senior Students

27th November 2023

With so many opportunities out there for young people from apprenticeships, work experience and university to volunteering and internships, our team in school are here to help empower students to take charge of their futures and help them seek out fulfilling and rewarding careers. 

As part of our Pathways to Success, we have introduced the myVOISS programme for our students aged 11 to 16 to help ensure their choices are well thought through and they gain insight along the way to see what types of careers they will enjoy. We aim to support students from Year 7 upwards throughout their school journey, so that when the time comes, they feel empowered to make confident and considered career decisions that are right for them. 

The new myVOISS programme dives into figuring out strengths and interests. This programme aims to provide a more comprehensive approach to thinking about careers with a self-reflection model that cultivates self-awareness, encourages growth and supports good decision-making. VOISS is composed of Values, Optima, Interests, Strengths and Superpowers and once built, it can help each student to navigate towards a career which is meaningful and fulfilling to them. 

Every student from Year 7 – Year 11 has had the opportunity to learn about the myVOISS program through class presentations.  Year 7’s begin with an “Introduction to myVOISS”, Year 8’s cover “Building myVOISS”, Year 9’s focus on “Growing with myVOISS” and Years 10 and  “Deciding with myVOISS.”  Every Year 11 student has also benefited from an active, personal  one-to-one session participating with a careers coach to help them to build their own unique VOISS, reflect and fully consider their options in one to one interviews. 

Listening to and talking with a range of role models is also something we encourage our students to participate with in order to gain an understanding of what different careers entail.  As well as the speaker lectures we arrange in school, we also offer a bi-weekly interviews with female role models working in a wide variety of different sectors in both the very early and later stages of their careers so our students have exposure and insight to what it’s really like.  Join us anytime for these live interviews which happen on Instagram or catch up with our recordings here.

Mr D Eggleston 

Deputy Head: Teaching and Learning

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