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Introducing our Junior Head Girl Team

6th September 2023

Our new Head Girl Team for 2023-2024, Aurelia, Izzy, Luisa, Abby, Umayyah and Keona, are excited to be back in school and met up with Director, Mr Rowley to discuss their roles and responsibilities as our new academic year begins.  The team will be working staff and students helping to ensure the smooth running of the school and leading by example. Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl, Aurelia and Izzy, caught up with us later to share a little more about themselves….

Why did you want to be Head Girl?

Aurelia: It is a great opportunity and I thought I’d be good at the role. 

Izzy: Some of my friends said I’d be good at the role, I wasn’t going to put myself forward at first, but they gave me the confidence to believe in myself, so I went for it. 


What characteristics or traits did you think would help you with the role?

Aurelia: I’m in LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art – provision provided at Wakefield Girls’), which has helped me to be confident with public speaking, and I really enjoy it. Also I was in school council last year which I think has prepared me for the role. 

Izzy: I also did LAMDA, and in my free time I do Stagecoach (drama), which has given me lots of confidence. 


What do you look forward to in your newly acquired role?

Izzy: I’m really looking forward to our new responsibilities, such as monitoring the corridors before school and during breaktime. Also, I’m excited to work as a team with our fellow prefects in Year 6 and meeting with Mr Rowley to discuss ideas.

Aurelia: I’m also looking forward to supporting the new Year 3’s who have just joined Junior school to make sure they are happy and comfortable in their new environment, and help them if they get lost. 


Things you want to change:

Together: we are excited to work with our catering team on some changes we’d like to see. Watch this space !


Any final comments?

Aurelia: I’m so excited to work with my best friend in this role, we have been friends throughout Juniors and I think we will work great together. 

Izzy: I can’t believe we’re in Year 6, I remember being in Pre-prep and it feels like yesterday! I think being Deputy Head Girl will help to prepare me for when I join Seniors, as I will be confident to speak up for myself. 


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