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6th September 2023

Our academic year 2023 – 2024 is just beginning and there will be many special events throughout. The first happened this week as we began our series of Celebration Assemblies with our senior section students – a wonderful way to celebrate their academic accomplishments and personal growth throughout the last year.

Our first Celebrations were with Year 10 and 11 respectively, and their families, followed by Year 8 and 9 students and families.  It is exciting to watch our students progress academically and personally, making the most of the opportunities they have here in school, getting ready to seize more from the complete education and all this offers to them.  Of course, for older students, who we have known for so long and know so well, the growth is even greater.

We have a strong community, and the team here at Wakefield Girls’ works to deliver on our mission to empower our students to be brave and brilliant young people in the world.  Thank you to families for joining us and we look forward to seeing families join us over the next weeks as we celebrate students in Years 8 and 13. We hope the Celebration Assemblies will help you to feel the greatness of what it means to be a Wakefield Girl. 

Congratulations to all our prize winners – we celebrate effort across the whole academic year and achievement with year prizes also awarded to the top 10 students for achievement throughout the whole academic year and individual prizes and medals, nominated from departments.

Thank you to governors, Mr McKinlay, Mrs Plumpton and Mrs Massey and Head of QEGS, Dr Brookes for joining and supporting our Celebrations.

Photo albums of Celebration Assemblies are available on Facebook:

Year 11 album

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