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Celebrating our House Finale!

6th July 2023

It has been wonderful over this past year to see our House system embedded as part of the ethos of our school. This year has been another fantastic year for our Houses with returning events such as the Conker competition, The Bake off, The Danceathon and our inter house sport ranging from Cross country to Hockey to dance. There’s been lots of new events too, such as the Spelling Bee, The Mindrace, The Junior Easter Egg Hunt, environmental challenges, young musicians, and the Royal Academy Art Competition to name a few.  Lots of house points have been up for grabs! This year, students at Wakefield Girls’ have amassed a staggering 46,000 House points – earning them via merits, stars, and of course participating in or winning House events.

The House system is about trying new things, making new friends and being 10% braver, and we hope all of our students have felt like they have accomplished these three goals over the past year.

The culmination of all of our House events took place today, Thursday 6th July, in our grand  House Finale. All students were out of lessons, and came together as Houses to celebrate the day together. 

In the morning, students came together in their House Forms for a very special creative task –  to make a gigantic House banner to represent themselves as individuals which also links back to their House. Each House banner was then created using each individual’s small square design, embroidered, sewn or glued into position.  The real highlight was witnessing  each House proudly carrying their House banners as they headed to the Quad to rehearse an aerial display spelling out their House name.  Judged on organisation, speed, accuracy and creativity in doing this task, there were, of course, many more House points up for grabs !

After a relaxing and sociable American takeaway themed lunch in the sunny Quad, everyone headed – with their House banners held high –  to the games fields for the afternoon Colour Run, in support of Wakefield Pride, and Tug of War competition.  As well as enthusiastic competitors, there were plenty of enthusiastic supporters fuelled by House tuck shops brilliantly managed by our Year 10 students.

The House Finale came to a close with the awarding of the prestigious trophy to the overall winning House of this academic year: Clayton House.

Congratulations to Clayton and everyone in school for making your own Houses very special places to be !

If you would like to donate to our fundraiser for the Colour Run: 

Mrs K Varley

House Coordinator


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